With offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing,Dalian,Chengdu, we can transport your personal goods safely and fast to all major cities in China.
Service at origin:
A  Pre-move Survey:
Every move has different volume and destination. A pre-move survey is a necessity for a move because our moving team will know where your good to go and what is packing volume and what materials is required. This survey is Free!

The pre-move survey includes:

1. To estimate volume of goods
 2. To explain the moving procedure
 3. To find out client’s personal moving requirement
 4. To answer the questions concerning moving
B  Packing:

ForBetter has its own packing team which consists of English-speaking supervisors and experienced packer. One packing team will be sent to your residence on packing day. Supervisor will communicate with you and make a detailed packing list when packing. One copy of packing list will be passed to you immediately after packing.
Service at destination:
On delivery day, all goods will be checked one by one and unpacked as your requirement. All debris will be collected after delivery.
Surely, one Delivery Report will be filled out to record the status of your  shipment.


Moving Process
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