Sea freight


Sea freight is the first choice of international relocation. We can provide DTD or DTP service to client as required. For client whose Household Goods is less than one whole container, we recommend of consolidated shipment because its cost is lower than a full container.

For clients who hold a full container of stuff, one exclusive container will be presented to this shipment. Nobody can open the client during transportation except customs inspection at original and at destination.

Traditionally, one shipment from Beijing to Euro need about 6—7 weeks and toAmericaabout 6 weeks and toAustraliaabout 4 weeks.


Air freight

The advantage of air freight is very strong: you can receive your stuff very soon.

We offer full door- to-door service to all major destination of this world. As you know, air freight is obviously more expensive than ocean freight, so we command client that immediately-needed stuff should be shipped by air while other part can be transported via sea.


Moving Process
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