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1. Do you provide packing service?

Yes, ForBetter has  sophisticated packing teams, its own warehouse, packing materials like book cartons, Hanging Wardrobe, Flat wardrobe, blanks, bubble and so on. 

All packers have more than five years of packing experience and they know how to protect your goods. 

2. Can I have some boxes delivered to me prior to move and make my own packing?

Of course, this is no problem at all. Just let your Move Coordinator know how many boxes you require and this can be arranged for you.

3. Can I take my car with me? 

Along with your household goods move, we can assist with the shipping of your car; this is also dependent on the importation regulations for your destination country. Please speak to your Move Coordinator for details.

4. Can I take pets with me? 

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation to move your pets.

5. What document is required for customs clearance ? 

Your passport , working permit, authorized letter, application form, and packing list . ForBetter will prepare all document except your passport, working permit.

6. Is there any item which is not allowed to move ?  

Yes, most countries have their own regulation about imported items. Different country has different requirement. Generally, food, wine, tobacco ,and ammo are not allowed to move international. 

7.  What happens if something is damaged in transit? 

Although we have one of the lowest damage ratios in the entire industry, we recommend of one “ All Risk” insurance to you because some mishandling or Other unexpected accidents can occur on rare occasions, like traffic accidents.

8. Do you unpack for me at my new home? 

Yes, we will unpack in your new home and place the furniture in the rooms of your choice.




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